Raise £2 a month for charity without spending a penny.

AdAid utilises the spare computing power of your phone whilst you sleep to raise money for your favourite charity 

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AdAid does not access any private data from your phone, we temporarily store small files on your device ready for them to be solved.

Free CASh

Raise around £2 per month for a charity of your choice. This is a significant sum that will make a real and direct impact. Over a lifetime it can represent £2,000+ 

Warm & Fuzzy

Get that feel good sensation when your grateful charity thanks you personally on facebook, for the positive impact you've made.

Why Not?

The app runs whilst you sleep, causing zero disruption to your everyday use of your phone. 

Make a Real Difference



Could save 2,500 people in developing countries  dying from HIV by funding a years treatment

Could provide 17,390 children with infection-fighting antibiotics from Doctors Without Borders


Could prevent 33,390 malaria deaths in developing countries.


Could provide 40% of the all the mothers in the developing world with prenatal and maternal care. 

1bn Downloads

Could end world hunger!


How It Works

Adaid Supercomputer,

Formed by Users Idle Smartphones

Companies/Organisations With High Performance Computing Needs 

Pay to use supercomputer


Proceeds Are Divided Between User Selected Charities

Adaid uses volunteer computing. The principle is to take enormous, expensive computing jobs and chop them into 1000s of small pieces, each simple enough for a smartphone to work on during the hours when the device normally does nothing, whilst you are asleep. 

By bringing together 1000s of smartphones we will create the worlds most powerful supercomputer. Organisations can rent this supercomputer with the proceeds going to a charity of your choice. 

Meet The Team

Nicholas Charrington

Nic is a recent law graduate from The University of Bristol with an entrepreneurial background. He is currently developing relationships with charities ready for the app launch.

Dr Paul Matthews


Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Information Science / Web Development / UX / Data Science. He is a key adviser for all things technical and is currently supervising the app development.

Khoa Phung

Khoa is a Masters student at The University of The West of England studying computer science. He is currently the lead app developer.


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