Frequently asked questions

Will Adaid drain and degrade my battery?

Whithin the app we provide an option to only use the app when you have sufficent battery to do so (this is 30% battery) the app will only launch if you have more than 30%, this way the app will not drain your battery to zero overnight. The screen is off whilst the app runs in the background. We also reccomend you charge your phone overnight, whilst the app is running, to avoid any unwanted draining. Contrary to old myths, charging your phone overnight is not detrimental to the health of the battery. See: The app will not degrade the battery anymore than any other app you use regulary on your phone, you can alsways check the apps battery consumption by going to your phones settings. Settings > Device > Battery or Settings > Power > Battery Use to see a list of all apps and how much battery power they're using. If you are not happy with the level of power consumption from Adaid you can uninstall the app altogether at anytime.

Will Adaid damage my phone by overusing the chips and processors?

Most people upgrade their phone every 3 years and the majority upgrade from a perfectly functional phone. We do not overclock the processors or give them overwhelming tasks, imagine a calculator performing calculations, a calculator that has done 10,000 calculations still perfoms just as well as a calculator that has only performed 100. Perfoming extra calculations will not therefore dramatically reduce the lifespan of your smartphone.

Is my privacy at risk and is my data being sold?

No. We value our customers privacy and that is why we do not require you to 'sign up' or 'register' or connect to facebook. We do not require any private app premissions either, such as location info or access to your photos. The functioning of the supercomputer does not require any of your data.

Will Adaid consume my data plan?

In the app settings there is an option to only run the app when connected to Wi-Fi, we strongly reccomend that you enable this option to avoid the app using your data allowance.

Does this have anything to do with Cryptocurrency?

No. We are not using your smartphone to mine cryptocurrency. This would not be finacailly viable as smartphones do not have the sort of processors required to mine cryptocurrency effectively.

I can't find a charity I want to support

Please contact us here and we will do our best to add it to the list asap.

What is High Performance Computing?

High Performance Computing plays an important role in the field of computational science, and is used for a wide range of computationally intensive tasks in various fields, including quantum mechanics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), and physical simulations (such as simulations of the early moments of the universe, airplane and spacecraft aerodynamics, fuild dynamics and nuclear fusion). Throughout it's history, it has been essential in the field of cryptanalysis. Cloud Computing with its recent and rapid expansions and development have grabbed the attention of HPC users and developers in recent years. Cloud Computing attempts to provide HPC-as-a-Service exactly like other forms of services currently available in the Cloud such as Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. HPC users may benefit from the Cloud in different angles such as scalability, resources being on-demand, fast, and inexpensive. On the other hand, moving HPC applications have a set of challenges too. Good examples of such challenges are virtualization overhead in the Cloud, multi-tenancy of resources, and network latency issues. Much research is currently being done to overcome these challenges and make HPC in the cloud a more realistic possibility. [89][90][91][92] In 2016 Penguin Computing, R-HPC, Amazon Web Services, Univa, Silicon Graphics International, Sabalcore, and Gomput started to offer HPC cloud computing. The Penguin On Demand (POD) cloud is a bare-metal compute model to execute code, but each user is given virtualized login node. POD computing nodes are connected via nonvirtualized 10 Gbit/s Ethernet or QDR InfiniBand networks. User connectivity to the POD data center ranges from 50 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.[93] Citing Amazon's EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud, Penguin Computing argues that virtualization of compute nodes is not suitable for HPC. Penguin Computing has also criticized that HPC clouds may allocated computing nodes to customers that are far apart, causing latency that impairs performance for some HPC applications.

What Companies will use the supercomputer?

There are many different applications. See full example from Volkswagen below. The problem was many traditional simulations take too long to complete and weaken a car manufacturer’s ability to successfully engineer for optimal aerodynamic performance and flow physics while also designing for style. Aerodynamicists face a short allowable timeframe to assess a new design and provide feedback for change requests from stylists. Forward-thinking car manufacturers such as Volkswagen AG have turned to technology to address the inherent conflict between the resources and time required to complete a transient vehicle aerodynamics simulation versus the response time that's allowable from a design and styling perspective in the early stages of a vehicle development process. “The ever-increasing interdisciplinary challenges of vehicle development require innovative, disruptive computational technologies to shorten development cycles to continue to satisfy customer needs," says Dr. Henry Bensler, head of CAE Methods at Volkswagen Group Research. The company chose to accelerate its virtual aerodynamic design process by using Reduced Order Models (ROMs), which provide a tool capable of predicting aerodynamic performance and flow structures in real time.

Will using Adaid interupt my everyday use of my phone?

No. When you download the app you set a time for it to launch. This should be a time you are usually asleep by. The app will launch at this time and quitely get on with any computational tasks it has. In the morning when you use your phone you will simply need to close the app and your phone will be ready to use as normal. If you happen to be wanting to use your phone in the night after the app has launched, again you will just need to close the app before using your phone as normal, indeed, at anytime you will be able to simply close the app and it will stop functioning. You can also uninstall the app at anytime.

How much of the money raised goes to my charity?

70% of all revenue generated through Adaid goes to your chosen charity. Adaid uses the remaining 30% to fund the running, promotion, expenses, development and growth of the app.