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How It Works

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Please provide your renewal date for your car insurance. If you do not know when that is you can find out by contacting your insurer. If you can remember when you bought your insurance then it is likely to renew in 1 year from that date. If you have a policy document, this usually has the policy number on it. With the policy number you can usually check online when your insurance is set to renew by logging into your providers website. 

   2  We'll Remind You

30 days before renewal we will send you an email reminding you that your renewal is coming up and highlight that the best deals are available 21 days before renewal. You can save up to £120 by making your comparison 21 days before vs 5 days before renewal. If you do not know you may leave it blank and we will email you every 2 weeks as a reminder. 

   3  Fill Just 1 Form

On our reminder email we will provide a link to the master form. This will ask you all the questions comparison sites normally ask. You will only need to fill out our form instead of 4 for all the different sites saving you at least 20 mins, 63 clicks and from scrolling through 24 pages answering the same questions over and over. 

   4  Get The Best Deal

Upon form submission 4 tabs will open in your browser: moneysupermarket, gocompare, comparethemarket and confused.com. All the details you gave us will have been automatically filled in for you. All you need to do is compare your quotes and chose the best deal. The price for the same insurance can vary by hundreds of pounds, depending on the specific site. 

  • Save £235

  • Save 23 mins

  • Fill just 1 form instead of 4

  • Compare 4 big comparison sites in 14 clicks vs 72