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A New And Free Way For Charities to Fundraise. 

  • Zero cost for both charity and supporter.

  • No extra admin, we take care of everything.

  • High returns even from minimal engagement- Just 100 supporters will raise £13,000-£16,000.

  • Engage with a new generation of donors.

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How It Works

Actual Screenshot

A mobile lock screen app 


Designed for minimal disruption, the phone unlocks as normal, notifications displayed as normal. The only difference is the small banner ad at the bottom of the screen.


The ad unit is filled by Google's mobile ad network 'AdMob'. They pay around £1 for 1000 unlocks. The average smartphone user unlocks 80-120 times a day, resulting in Ad revenues of £2.40-£3 per supporter. 


When signing up a user is prompted to select their charity. We send 90% of the ad revenues from this user to you, their selected charity.